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Fill your vacation with the enormous sky, the splendid ocean at Setouchi Suo-Oshima

Suo-Oshima is one of the Top 3 historic islands of Setouchi
Getting here in just 2hrs 30mins by plane/car from Tokyo or 2hrs by ferry from Matsutama

Location map

Approx. 2hrs 40mins by plane and car from Tokyo

  • * Plane) Approx. 1hr 10mins drive from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport
  • * Plane) Approx. 2hrs 10mins drive from Hiroshima Airport
  • * Plane) Approx. 2hrs 10mins drive from Ube Airport
  • * JR Shinkansen) Approx. 1hr 10mins drive from Shiniwakuni Station
  • * JR Sanyo main line) Approx. 35mins shuttle bus from Obatake Station

Approx. 1hr 40mins by ferry & car from Matsuyama

MARISSA RESORT sazanseto suo-oshima
1347-1, Hirano, Suo-Oshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi, Japan (742-2512)


[Reservation Reception] 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

From Tokyo

From TokyoFrom TokyoFrom Tokyo

From Matsuyama

From MatsuyamaFrom Matsuyama

Free parking spaces

Free parking lots are available


Automobile 135 general parking spaces
Accessible parking space 2 parking spaces for persons with disabilities
Free parking spaces

Free shuttle bus

Free shuttle bus (by reservation only)

Reservation 1 day in advance (by 5 pm)
Service schedule Running between JR Obatake Station and our resort
[Departing from JR Obatake]
(1) 2:20 pm (2) 4:15 pm
[Departing from our resort]
(1) 9:00 am (2) 10:50am
Free shuttle bus

Check the bus schedule and other details in PDF.

Shuttle bus schedule (PDF)
Free shuttle bus

Individual pick-up/drop-off service

(*) Exclusive to suite & premium room VIP guests

Reservation 3 days in advance *by 5 pm)
Operation hours 10 am – 4 pm
Routes (1) Resort - Iwakuni Station, Shiniwakuni Station, Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport
(2) Resort - Tokuyama Station

[Terms & Conditions]
(*) First come first serve. Be mindful that vacancies are limited.
(*) We might need to group guests together onto the same coach.
(*) Special arrangement different from the regular shuttle bus service.

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