Cram in the pleasure of Setouchi’s four seasons.

Tour around Suo-Oshima in different seasons
An abundance of experiences, sightseeing, and cuisines in different seasons of Setouchi

Our legendary hospitality

We have a wide range of on-resort experiences and special adventures.
Fill your days with awesome resort activities! And they are free!

  • Yoga


    Weekly yoga station

  • Bath salts

    Bath salts

    Be amazed by the wide range of Epsom salt in our lobby. Take your picks to design your soaking experience in your private bath!

  • Chairing

    * For reference only


    We’re pleased to set chairs at your preferred locations for you to design your stay (to be started in fall, 2023)

Sightseeing map

A lovely discovery on the Suooshima island- Island Cafe

Sightseeing map
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